Student Credit Card Debt

  Student Credit Card Debt  - What everyone should know about student credit cards  - May 7, 2007  

Finances are a real problem during student life. Part of it is because of day to day college expenses but the major factor is increased cost of education. Very fact, that a lot of things demand our attention during student life, budgeting is automatically not on the priority list.

Help from parents or a part time job or some tuitions could arrange the much needed money to some extent but, more and more students are now relying on a student credit card to fund their college expenses.

As the name suggests, a student credit card is specially designed for students and is very different from your regular credit card. Because it may be the first time for college students to apply for a credit card, most credit card companies designed their student credit cards to be a form of secured credit cards.

It will help a student to avoid accumulating high amounts of debt because of reckless spending. If you need groceries, or that recommended book but you don't have the money for it, then it may be time for you to use your student credit card. It is good if you start learning good financial habits from your student life itself. Don't use the card to pay for everything and anything. Use it judicially or it will land you in a debt to repay after the college finishes.

It is not unusual to find the representatives of credit card companies promoting student credit card in college campuses. However, finding a right card will take much more than contacting the representative of credit card company. Develop a habit of shopping around and getting the best deal out there. Though the interest rates on student credit cards are relatively low, they also offer a low credit amount. If used judicially student credit card can become the perfect means to build a credit history and jumpstart your financial wellbeing.

  Student Credit Card Debt  - 3 unbeatable reasons why every student should have a Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card  - May 3, 2007  

There are a lot of student credit cards offers floating around in the market. Coming from all kinds of financial institutions, these credit cards provide different benefits. Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card with its stunning designs and exceptional benefits stands out from the crowd. Why should a student start his financial life with Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card? Here are 3 unbeatable reasons:

1. Student life is where most of us start building our credit history. Imbibing good financial habits right from the student life keeps us in good books of credit rating agencies. Building credit history is key to a solid financial foundation, and no other card allows you to build your credit history like the Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card.

2. Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card helps the student save money on interest rates, annual fees. It gives a 0% Intro APR on purchases for 6 months, and has no annual fee. Since a student is just beginning his financial life and issues like credit card fraud, identity theft might bother him. Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card comes with $0 fraud liability guarantee and gives absolute peace of mind to its owner. Managing Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card accounts is a breeze because it offers Easiest Online Account Management Options. Almost all account related activities can be done online. This saves a lot of time which can be used to enjoy this golden life even more.

3. Spend as you save is the most popular benefit of Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card with it You’ll also earn 5% Cashback Bonus® on Get More purchases in popular categories that change four times a year like home, apparel and more* and up to 1% Cashback Bonus on all other purchases automatically*. Forget worrying about the expiry of rewards, because the unlimited cash rewards never expire as long as you use your Card. The credit card holder also has the option to DOUBLE his Cashback Bonus (turn $20 into $40) when you redeem for gift cards or certificates from many of our 70 brand name partners.

So if you want a bagful of benefits for students which help them save time, money, earn rewards and build a solid foundations to excellent credit history -Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card is the one for you.

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