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  Prepaid Credit Card  - For bad credit people prepaid card will always score over credit card  - May 26, 2007  

There has always been a debate about which of the two viz. the prepaid card or the credit card is better? Though each one of them has a range of benefits and a huge fan following, but here we present a case for prepaid credit cards. In this article we will look how a prepaid card scores over credit cards especially if the owner has a not so perfect credit history.

The rejection is non existent in case of prepaid credit cards, there are no credit checks, no employment verification, and approval is guaranteed.

With a bit of dilligent shopping and comparision of various prepaid credit card offers, it is not difficult to find a prepaid card with no annual fees, no late payment fees, no repayments, and no penalties whatsoever. So, the ownership costs of a prepaid card can be negligible.

With prepaid cards it is very easy to promote financial discipline. Since you can only spend what you have, there is no overspending, and hence no debts.

Some prepaid cards do report their use to major credit bureaus and hence are a good instrument to rebuild credit history.

Prepaid cards have wide acceptablility, and in some cases they are even more readily accepted than credit cards.

So, if you a bad credit and are constantly ripped apart by credit card companies, have a look at prepaid card offers in the market. You won't be disappointed with the results.

  Prepaid Credit Card  - Important fees associated with prepaid cards  - May 12, 2007  

Prepaid credit cards are becoming increasingly popular amongst consumer to improve financial discipline and credit history. Though, a prepaid card doesn't come a with late penalty because there are no repayments to be made, but there are various other fees associated with them, which increase the ownership costs. Having a good knowledge about these fees helps the consumer make an informed decision. Listed below are some important fees levied on prepaid cards.

Annual Fees

Charged by the prepaid card issuing company for usage of the prepaid card on an annual basis.

Monthly fees

Charge by the prepaid card issuing company for usage of the prepaid card on monthly basis.

Customer Service fees

Charged by the prepaid card company for providing initial customer service to issue the prepaid card.

Activation Fees

This fees is charged by the prepaid card issuing company for activating the prepaid card

Fees per purchase

Every purchase done by your prepaid card can attract a fee per purchase. Some prepaid card companies levy this fees to increase their revenue.

ATM Cash withdrawal fees

Whenever you withdraw money from ATM's prepaid card company slaps ATM cash withdrawal fees to your account.

Inactivity fees

This fees is charged when your prepaid card is not used for a specified period of time.

Now, you have an idea of the most important fees associated with prepaid cards. To use this information you can compare various prepaid cards and fees associated with them. Comparing this way, you will be able to lower your total ownership cost of prepaid cards.

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