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  Pre Paid Credit Card  - Know the various fees associated with All Access Prepaid Visa Card  - May 24, 2007  

The All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card gives you the simplicity and the convenience you need to manage your finances. All Access is more than just a card - it's a full service account that takes care of all of your financial needs in just one place. With all its good features there are certain fees to be paid when you own and use this excellent prepaid card. In this article we take a look at the various fees associated with All Access Prepaid Visa Card.

Some prepaid card charge an annual fee for ownership. A big plus with theThe All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card is that it has no annual fee. This will help the owner save some money. Prepaid cards are frequently used to withdraw cash from ATM's. If you withdraw cash using U.S. ATM's by your All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card the cash advance fee of $2 will be charged and if you are using an international ATM for the same purpose $4.95 will be charged for every transaction. When you apply for The All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card there is an application fee of $9.95 to be paid. When you participate in the All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card program a participation fee of $9.95 per month is charged on your account. The prepaid card owner has an option to pay per transaction also in which case the participation fee can be waived.

The All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card provides various ways of reloading. Depending on each option there are various fees to be paid. If you reload via direct deposits or PayPal transfers the reloading is free or costs you $0, if you use ACH, credit or debit card transfers there is a reloading fees of $4.95 and if you want to reload your credit card in person with retail cash the reloading fees vary by merchant location.

If you don't use your All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card for a certain amount as mentioned in the terms and conditions associated with the debit card there is an inactivity fees of $5.95 to be paid to the prepaid card company. Overall this prepaid card has lots of good features but the fees associated with it makes it a bit costly option to have.

The figures presented in this article were correct and relevant at the time of writing, and are at the sole discretion of prepaid card issuing agency. They can change without notice. The latest figures can be had by logging into the prepaid card website and reading the offer document carefully.

  Pre Paid Credit Card  - 5 questions to find the best credit card debt consolidation company  - Apr 3, 2007  

Tackling multiple credit card debts can be quite confusing and will require a lot of effort. Consolidation of various credit card debts is an obvious solution. But, finding a company which takes care of this task most efficiently is not an easy job. The five questions mentioned below will help you find a right credit card debt consolidation agency, which won't burn a hole in your pocket and get you the best deal.

1. How professional they are?

Checkout the credentials of the credit card debt consolidation company. Did they help out customers with similar problems? Ask for references and contact them. Get a feedback about the company. Know about the professional expertise of the people involved in the company. This will help you gain confidence that your problem of credit card debt will be handled efficiently.

2. Is it non profit?

Yes, there are companies out there who offer free credit card debt consolidation help. Its your duty to find them out. These companies have people who don't work for profit. The fact that they don't charge you doesn't mean that they are inept. Many such organizations are run by people who themselves were once a victim of credit card debt. They bring their genuine experience of tackling such problems. Lookout for one such company and get help without paying a penny.

3. Will they lower the interest burden?

You are suffering from credit card debt aren't you? You are searching for a credit card debt consolidation company to lower the debt burden, the interest rates, get a more manageable repayment schedule, and consolidate those numerous debts into one. If the credit card debt consolidation company can't do it for you- it is of no use. Find another one.

4. Will they negotiate on your behalf?

Credit card debt consolidation means talking to various credit card companies to consolidate different debts into one. This involves a lot of negotiations with the credit card companies. So it is absolutely essential to have credit card debt consolidation company with expert negotiators and proven track record. A good negotiation with the credit card companies can mean a lot of savings in loan amount, waiver or reduction of late payment charges and other penalties. There is no point in engaging a credit card debt consolidation company who exposes you to the mighty credit card companies when it comes to negotiating the terms of credit card debt consolidation.

5. What will it charge?

Finally, if you are not able to find a non-profit credit card debt consolidation company, there are fees to be paid for professional advice. Many companies offer some free advice and charge for other services. So, it would be good if you ask them clearly about what services are free and how much they will charge for their paid services. Keeping a record of all this would help you calculate the cost of your credit card debt consolidation.

Again, it would definitely be better to shop around and ask quotes for credit card debt consolidation from different companies, both the non-profit ones and the paid ones. Make a table and write down the cost associated with the credit card debt consolidation. Compare these with the benefits that the credit card debt consolidation company offers. Comparing in this way will help you reach the right consolidation company and repay your debt in a more manageable way.

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