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  Online Credit Card Payment  - 10 vital tips to make your online shopping with credit cards safe and better part-2  - Jun 7, 2007  

In the first part of the article series 10 vital tips to make your online shopping with credit cards safe and better we learned about 5 safe online shopping tips. In the second part of this article we look at 5 more tips to make sure that your online shopping experience doesn't land you in any kind of trouble.

1. Credit card information with PIN

Many websites simply don't ask for a PIN when they tell you to submit your credit card number. A PIN is a security measure provided by the credit card agency to make sure that the person using the credit card is a genuine one and is not using a stolen credit card. This process of verification of identity while submitting credit card numbers is a good practice and care should be taken that shopping on sites which do not offer this feature can be risky.

2. Credit card information matching

Some online shopping websites match the user information such as name, date of birth and address with the one on the records of credit card company. This way even if your credit card is in wrong hands it cannot be misused unless the holder has all the details about you. It is always good to shop with websites which have this feature.

3. Referrals

We live in a connected world and there is a great possibility to have a friend or relative who has done online shopping. It is a good practice to ask about their experiences with a particular e-commerce website. This feedback will give you a first hand experience of the security and reliability of a particular online shopping website.

4. Customer Feedback

A dissatisfied customer is a great asset for you. He will tell you about all the problems he faced while dealing with a particular website. Check for customer feedback on the site. And you will get a vital insights about security and reliability.

5. Listed with trusted agencies

BBB (Better Business Bureau) and other State and local consumer agencies do keep a track of companies which follow good and secure business policies. If a particular online shopping or business is listed with such trusted agencies, it is good to bank upon it and chances are good that you won't be duped in any way.

Online shopping has opened a new world of convenience, cost-effectiveness and consumer friendly environment. Online shopping websites are doing their part in keeping the shopping experience a safe and rewarding one but there are precautions to be taken on the consumer's end. Keep the facts listed in this two part article series in mind and your online shopping experience with credit cards will be on the safer side.

  Online Credit Card Payment  - What to do if your online credit card application has been refused?  - Jul 6, 2007  

Applying online for credit cards is one of the major advantages internet has offered us in recent times. All major credit card providers give the facility of online application and it is increasingly catching up with the credit card aspirants. If you have applied for a credit card online and have been refused, don't worry you are a part of large group who face rejection for one reason or another. There is no point on getting depressed on the matter, instead one should check out what went wrong, correct it, apply again and get approved online.

The first reason for the rejection of most of online credit card applications is the mismatch in credit ratings and income levels. While applying online for credit cards, if the credit card company asks for your social security number, and credit scores, they are trying to gauge your financial credibility. If you are applying for a gold credit card and your credit score doesn't measure up, chances are fair that your online credit card application will be rejected and you can't do anything about it.

In such a case if the credit card company finds that there is another offer which suits your credit ratings and income criteria they will send it along with the denial email. If they don't give any such offer, its for you to check out whether you meet their credit rating requirements or not, and if you don't it will be good to find another credit card and apply online for it.

If a credit card company rejects your application for insufficient credit score or credit ratings, it will send you information about it. This information will help you track down the credit rating agency and negative remark that caused the decline in your credit scores. If you find it incorrect you can dispute the credit report, get that negative remark removed and apply online for that very credit card again. Hopefully, if everything goes right you will get approved online.

If you faced the denial for any other reason, which you find difficult to understand, you can ask the credit card company about it. The fastest way is to contact the credit card customer care and tell them about your problem. Secondly, if you don't like calling you can send them a polite email and request a clarification.

Applying online for a credit card and getting approved is a great feeling. By taking simple steps and precautions, one can easily avoid the bad experience of facing a denial.

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