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  Master Card Credit Card Company  - 5 not to miss things for a good credit score  - May 7, 2007  

1. Use the credit card only when absolutely essential. Pay your regular expenses by cash or a debit card. This will help you budget and not go overboard with credit card debt.

2. Follow repayment schedules like religion. Don't miss out and invite late payment fees, increased APR rates and blocked reward programs.

3. Don't stick to the monthly minimum payment. Pay the maximum you can afford and get that outstanding debt cleared as fast as possible. By just paying the monthly minimum the credit card companies reap the maximum rewards while, as a consumer you pay the maximum interest.

4. Get rid of multiple credit cards. Although this might sound difficult, but if you are struggling to repay on time and, juggling with the repayment dates is causing you to default- it's time to think. If there is a genuine need to keep multiple credit cards, then try to automate their monthly payments. This will ensure that you don't default unwillingly and face the negative consequences.

5. Never go out on a borrowing spree. Always watch the credit limits and try to stay below 30% of your credit limit. Maxing out on your credit card doesn't go well with credit card companies and invites negative remarks in credit reports.

Keep track of these 5 things and a good credit score is ensured.

  Master Card Credit Card Company  - 3 major disadvantages of owning a bad credit credit card  - May 15, 2007  

Having a bad credit and getting good credit card offers simply doesn't happen. Credit card companies secure their interests and rip a bad credit person with quite unreasonable charges. When a person with bad credit goes out to get a credit card he finds the situation very uncomfortable. The credit card companies greet him with the following:

Very high APR

Bad credit usually attracts high APR on credit cards. The APR's can be lowered if a good collateral or bank account is linked to the credit card to make it 'secure'. Poor credit with an inability to provide sufficient collateral makes the credit card an 'unsecured' one and this results in high APRs and low credit limits.

Huge Annual Fees

It is rare to find a bad credit credit card with 0 Annual fees. The bad credit credit cards, are quite risky investments for credit card companies. On the contrary people with bad credit are pretty much desperate to find a credit card, which can help them improve their credit history. Call it taking advantage of this situation or whatever, credit card companies slap heavy annual fees to provide a bad credit credit card. This fees can start from 70$ and can climb into hundreds of dollars per annum, depending on how worse the credit situation is of an applicant.

Unreasonable Advance Fees

Yes, there are few credit card companies who want to exploit a bad credit people to the maximum. They want fees just to look at your application, and it has to be paid in advance. Some, don't guarantee a bad credit credit card even if you pay them this unreasonable amount. Whether you have to pay in advance, or the credit card company charges it after issuing the credit card a bad credit has to shell out this money either ways.

There is a very little choice for those with poor credit, when it comes to getting a credit card. These fees and high interest rates are an inevitable reality, and must be endured. However, a good comparison of all the bad credit offers out there and shopping around, contacting various credit card agents can really help a bad credit person from being slaughtered.

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