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  Instant Credit Card Application  - 5 compelling reasons why people go online to apply and get their credit cards  - Apr 17, 2007  

Gone are the days of long queues, lengthy paperwork and running from bank to bank, just to get a credit card. The online way is here. Forget all the hassles, all that you need to get a credit card and more can be done using a computer and internet, right from the convenience of your home. There are numerous advantages of using internet to apply and get credit cards. In this article we look at the 5 most compelling reasons why more and more people are adopting it.

1. Instant approval (or rejection)

No, long waits for that credit card decision. Fill in an online application and get instant decision in your email. This also saves a lot of embarrassment if the application is rejected (imagine facing a real rejection personally or on telephone). Credit card companies have numerous offers, if they reject your application and find that another offer suits you. They will readily email you that offer. This convenience is unmatched.

2. 24/7 convenience

No paperwork, no long queues, no driving, no hassles. Online application is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year and all this can be done as long as you have a computer and are able to connect to the internet. The customer service is available via email, chat and toll free numbers. What more do you expect?

3. Information on your fingertips

Puzzled with financial acronyms? Want more information about a particular topic? Internet is the information powerhouse. There is a good help section on most credit card websites where they explain various terms and topics. And for some reason if you are not able to find it on the credit card website, simply Google your query and you will have your answer. Apart from all this there are expert groups, forums and knowledge base which will clear all your doubts.

4. Compare offers easily

Comparing two or more credit card from different companies is a snap. Many credit card websites provide this service. All you need is to select the cards you want and click on compare. The facts presented in a tabulated form, help you decide better and thus save more and get more with your credit card.

5. Online account management, updates and offers

Credit card companies, now allow you to access your account via internet. You can check, download, and make payments to your account all from the comfort of your home. Signup with the credit card company and receive online offers, promos, and updates about your credit card right in your mailbox. So, you have instant access to good and relevant information when you check your email.

The internet has given a new dimension to the convenience and hassle free credit card experience and it is gaining popularity at a rapid rate. If you haven't done it till now, its high time you took advantage of internet and add comfort to your life.

  Instant Credit Card Application  - Applying for a credit card online? Don't overlook these facts  - May 25, 2007  

The online processing of credit card application is fast gaining popularity because of the various benefits it offers. The procedure is different from offline or regular credit card application and seems more convenient, however there are few things to note about the online credit card application process. This article takes a look at few such things.

The process

Though online application process is supposed to be less cumbersome in terms of paperwork, convenience and time, but in reality it is just a part of the regular credit card issuing processes. At first the application can be online but sooner or later the paperwork has to be done and it is more or less mandatory with every issued credit card. Secondly, some credit card companies, find it too risky to give an instant decision based on facts which can be easily manipulated, the question of identity theft also comes into place and almost all the decisions are 'in principle' which get rolling after proper verification etc.


Some credit card companies charge a small fee for every online application to be made, part of this could be to support their IT infrastructure and personnel, but most of them do to deter fraudulent enquiries that can cost them a fortune in verification and other procedures. So, it is better to checkout with the credit card companies whether they have any such fees and if so what is the exact amount. Because, it is going to increase the cost of acquisition of credit card for you. It is also good to verify whether the APR's and other costs associated with the credit cards are different for offline and online processes, or same. If you find a significant difference then it is good to adopt the application process which offers the lowest rates.

Credit history

Having a poor credit history and applying for the gold, platinum or other such credit card for which a good to excellent credit history is essential prerequisite, will only frustrate you. The denials, rejections etc. can cost you mentally as well as financially. So, it is always better to confirm with the credit card company about the credit history requirements.

Choice and terms

Almost all the credit card companies that offer online application process do not allow you to compare other credit cards before applying online. The necessity of a comparison cannot be understated. This is very crucial to make the right credit card decision. The online credit card application form has the most essential terms and conditions listed somewhere below the main application. It is good to go through the document before filling in the details. Some facts that look very attractive on the face can prove disastrous when looked in the light of the fine prints.

The online application process has its own merits and can prove to be quite a time and effort saver if used in a proper way.

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