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  Instant Approval Bad Credit Credit Card  - 3 big credit card mistakes most of the new credit card holders make  - Jun 25, 2007  

Credit cards with all their benefits and drawbacks are here to stay. They have become an integral part of modern lifestyle. Sooner or later everybody tries to get one and make his life simpler. But, do they all take the correct decisions when they try to get a credit card? The answer is No. In this article we take a look at few of the big mistakes people make when they begin their credit card journey.

Are you going for a credit card simply because your friend has it? Think again. You could be making the worst mistake of your life. Credit cards, though having standard terms and conditions must be chosen very carefully. Every individual is different and so are their needs and financial conditions. The credit card is an important thing, the use of which will decide how your credit history fares over a period. So, don't just make an impulsive decision.

With so many good credit card comparison sites cropping up on the internet, why don't you compare the credit cards before deciding for one. It is very simple and extremely convenient. Within few minutes you are able to look at various features of credit cards side by side and thus get better data to decide on the right card. Going for a credit card without comparing various offers is like shooting in the foot.

You just got your credit card by post and you are indeed very delighted. But do you know what to do with it? The first thing is to check out the terms and conditions associated with the credit card. Most of the credit card companies don't enforce the terms unless you start using the credit card. Reading the credit card terms and conditions will enlighten you about the way credit card will charge interest and other important things. Strange but true, most credit card holders do not read this document and find themselves in trouble later on.

  Instant Approval Bad Credit Credit Card  - 3 popular bad credit credit cards: Get guaranteed approval and rebuild your credit history  - May 17, 2007  

Finding the right credit card if you have a not so perfect credit history can be quite a daunting task. Bad credit people frequently find that their credit card request are denied by major credit card issuers. A guaranteed approval credit card comes as a welcome relief to all such people. In this article we take a look at 3 popular guaranteed approval credit cards.

These credit cards have one thing in common - they are designed for bad credit people. The use of these credit cards are reported to major credit bureaus and this can be a vital thing for bad credit people. Using them will help such people improve their credit history (provided they use it wisely). Getting one such credit card is an opportunity not to be missed. Let us look at these offers.

1. The Imagine Gold Card

It reports to all the three major credit bureaus, being an unsecured card, it offers regular credit line increases. The card document says that all applications are accepted subject to credit card terms and it welcomes people with less than perfect credit.

2. USA Gold Shopping Card

This credit card doesn't check your credit and has no employment verifications. There are no turndowns and it provides guaranteed instant online approval (subject to credit card terms). The USA Gold Shopping Card gives $5000 unsecured gold credit line for their merchandise and it regulary increases credit limits of qualifying applicants. The USA Gold Shopping Card reports the credit card activity to all major credit bureaus, thus helps rebuild credit history. As a plus this card gives a $300 grocery coupon after enrollment to its applicants.

3. Platinum Plus Merchandise Credit Card

An usecured line of credit the Platinum Plus Merchandise Credit Card, has no credit checks and employment verifications and approves applicants with no credit or bad credit. Platinum Plus Merchandise Credit Card offers credit limit increases to those who qualify and the approval is guaranteed when qualifications are met. It has an exclusive shopping club for its members which has a huge inventory of over 16,000 products.

These three credit cards offer a wealth of benefits to those with poor credit or no credit. The fact that they offer guaranteed apporval makes them particularly attractive. The terms and conditions of these credit cards can change anytime without notice. The issuers of these credit cards keep on adding attractive benefits for those with bad credit. So, it is advised to check with the credit card issuer for the latest on the credit card. And not to forget, reading the fine prints carefully can avoid unpleasant surprises later. Go ahead, rebuild your credit history with these credit cards.

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