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  Discover Credit Card  - Outstanding new changes to Discover Miles Card make it very special  - May 9, 2007  

The new revamped Discover Miles card is here. Forget the regular travel reward credit card features, this offer from Discover will change your outlook towards a travel reward credit card. In this article we look at few features of the Discover Miles card which make it very special.

The new Discover Miles Card, allows you to redeem your reward points or reward miles for any travel purchase. This is a perfectly No Hassles Miles program.

Earn 1 mile for every dollar you spend. This offer has an upper spending limit of $3,000 in restaurant and travel purchases. The limit of miles in your account has been reduced from 25,000 to 20000.

The points can also be redeemed for gift certificates. Discover has tied up with 50  merchants, this gives a lot of choice. The gifts can be redeemed in the following ways, 1,000 miles for $5 gift card, 3,500 miles for $25, 6,000 miles for $50 etc.

The Discover Miles Card allows you to use a travel agent of your choice for your travel related bookings.

The Discover Miles Card comes with no blackout dates or restrictions. The restrictions like booking 21 days in  advance and staying on  Saturday nights don't bother the customer anymore.

The new features added to Discover Miles Card, ensures a truly magnificent travel reward credit card experience for the frequent traveler.

  Discover Credit Card  - Discover Motiva Card motivates you to pay on time by rewarding good credit management  - Jul 4, 2007  

Credit card companies are notorious for charging late fees whenever they receive late payments and applying penalty APR's on defaults. If they penalized such activity, it's about time they rewarded good repayment record. Discover Motiva card does this precisely. It is the first credit card which rewards timely credit card payments and good credit management.

A great credit card from Discover indeed. The Discover Motiva Card has a unique Pay-On-Time Bonus(SM) concept. It rewards you to an amount equal to a full month's interest each time you make 6 on-time payments in a row-twice a year, every year, subject to certain terms and conditions. If it is Discover you can expect more. The Discover Motiva Card is also a great cashback credit card with 5% Cashback Bonus® in popular categories like travel, apparel, home, gas, restaurants, movies and more. In addition to this the Discover Motiva Card gives you a 5-20% Cashback Bonus* at top retailers through our exclusive online shopping site. Every other purchase done by the Discover Motiva Card automatically entitle you to a 1% unlimited Cashback Bonus.

The Unlimited cash rewards features and the facility to increase, even double, your rewards when you redeem for gift cards from over 80 Cashback Bonus Partners. Indeed, the Discover Motiva Card has more ways to earn cash - than anyone else.

Security is a prime concern with the Discover Motiva Card. This credit card has a $0 fraud liability guarantee and provides complete fraud protection for your peace of mind. As a proactive approach towards protecting its clients from credit card fraud, the Discover Motiva Card has advanced fraud early warning alerts and a fraud specialists dedicated to helping you 24/7.

If you are an online shopping freak the Discover Motiva Card comes with a free online shopping tool. This tool provides secure online Account numbers and helps the credit card holder to shop online without revealing the account number.

The Discover Motiva Card tops it up with a great customer service that puts you first. It allows free payment by phone or online - even on your due date and the facility to choose the payment due date that meets your needs.

Despite the monetary rewards for paying up on time the Discover Motiva Card will send you timely e-mail reminders that help you avoid fees and keep up your repayment schedule. If you have any problem the Discover Motiva Card will help you talk to a knowledgeable person in less than a minute. The facility to manage your accounts online with ease and a No annual fee offer provide the necessary punch to catapult the Discover Motiva Card into a class of its own.

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