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  Credit Card Settlement  - Debt Settlement: Benefits and drawbacks  - Apr 8, 2007  

The most popular solutions to the problem of heavy debt burden is to get a debt settlement or file for bankruptcy. Among these two debt settlement is preferred as it has a relatively less impact on credit report. In this article we assess the benefits and drawbacks of debt settlement.

Debt settlement is a process in which an organization will go to your lenders and negotiate with them regarding your debt. The purpose of the whole exercise is to reduce your debt burden. If a settlement company is good it can get your debt reduced by as much as 50%. This is  what a creditor needs and this is the most visible benefit of debt settlement. The amount of the debt is reduced, the repayment plan is made easy and often the monthly installments are spread over a long period. This makes life a lot more easier for the borrower.

However, debt settlement is not without its drawbacks. There are two things to worry about. First, is the cost of debt settlement. Debt settlement companies will charge huge amounts for their services. The usual range is between 10-15% of the debt amount. Paying this much amount upfront can turn your financial situation from bad to worse.

The second problem caused by debt settlement is the damage done to your credit report. The very fact that you are going for a debt settlement will show negatively on your report. But, it is still better than filing for bankruptcy, which will make a bigger dent in your financial credibility.

The whole process of debt settlement becomes meaningless if you don't change your financial habits for good. With all the drawbacks, debt settlement still provides a chance to get your finances back on track and should be used for it.

  Credit Card Settlement  - 5 tips to choose the right debt settlement company  - Apr 15, 2007  

Debt settlement is increasingly being adopted as a popular means to get out of credit card debt. Essential to successful debt settlement is having the right debt settlement company work for you. But how do you find the right debt settlement company? Here are 5 tips that could help you find the right debt settlement company.

1. Don't get driven by high pressure sales

 Internet today is swamped with lucrative debt settlement offers that are quite confusing, and hard to believe. The idea is to stay clear from debt settlement offers that seem too good to be true. Researching for the right offer and comparing various services offered by debt settlement companies, will help you reach the right debt settlement company.

2. No upfront fees

Stay clear of companies, ask for complete fees up-front. Look for a debt settlement company that takes fees on monthly to monthly basis. Also, there should be no  maintenance fees associated with accounts. Although, it might seem difficult  at first, in finding such agency but the effort will be worthwhile as the debt settlement company will indeed be reliable because it follows good business practices. 

3. No, high percentage fees

The industry norm for debt settlement companies is somewhere between 10%-20% of your debt. The debt settlement company will charge this to negotiate a debt burden reduction of somewhere up to 50% or more. If a debt consolidation company demands more than this, stay clear of them. It will be good if you shop around for the best debt settlement rates by comparing various offers.

4. The debt settlement company should be listed with BBB

BBB stands for better business bureau. It constantly scans various companies for business practices they follow and adopts only those who is  ethically professional. By checking the BBB record of a debt settlement company you can guess how reliable it is. It will ensure that you are dealing with right, honest and professional people.

5. Get feedback

Ask for previous clients of a debt settlement company, and contact him if possible. Lookout for friends, colleagues and associates who have undergone debt settlement in recent past, know their experiences, this would help you gain a better insight into debt settlement process and might provide you something which could save a lot for you.

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