Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans

  Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans  - Get over bad credit problems with bad credit debt consolidation loans  - Apr 3, 2007  

Bad credit debt consolidation loans are quite popular with those with poor credit history. If your loan application is rejected by a lender, bad credit debt consolidation loans are there to help. If you want to repair your credit history by repaying a loan, which has simple terms and low monthly installments, again bad credit debt consolidation loans are for you. They save you after rejection and help you regain your financial credibility, so that you can again enter the mainstream credit market.

Bad credit debt consolidation loans are of two types:

1. Secured bad credit debt consolidation loans:

These types of bad credit debt consolidation loans are secured by a collateral usually some property or a guarantor. Since, the lenders find something to bank upon in case you default on payments, the interest rates on secured bad credit debt consolidation loans are cheaper, the lending amounts are higher and the repayment period can be long.

2. Unsecured bad credit debt consolidation loans:

Persons who do not have anything to offer as the collateral or security, can take unsecured bad credit debt consolidation loans. The lenders find themselves at increasing level of risk while giving such loans. The existing bad credit situation and lack of a collateral, make them charge high interest rates and offer low loan amounts to offset the risk involved. But, a person who has a bad credit and cannot provide a collateral has little choice, but to take these high interest loans. At least by repaying these the borrower can rebuild his credit history.

Deciding which bad credit debt consolidation loan is right for you can be a daunting task. Many companies offer free debt consolidation help to those who are cash strapped. It is good to take such advice because the professional expertise of such companies can help you decide better. Again, it's you who will have to be very cautious about the interest rates, repayment period, late payment penalties and other fine prints that come with the bad credit debt consolidation loans. Following the repayment schedule can help you write off the bad credit ratings from your credit history.

  Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans  - Do you have one of these characteristics? You will need credit card debt consolidation sooner or later  - Apr 29, 2007  

Do you need credit card debt consolidation? When confronted by this question majority of us will simply say no. But, the stark reality is that more and more people are consolidating their credit card debts to avoid falling into a debt trap and tarnish their credit history. What are the indicators that make you a highly probable candidate to consolidate your credit card debt? Here is a checklist. If you have any one of these characteristics, get ready to consolidate your credit card debt.

A purse full of credit cards

Too many credit cards is the first and foremost reason which indicates that you will require debt consolidation sooner or later. Remember any transaction done with a credit card is a loan and it has to be repaid with interest. The larger the number of credit cards the more the loans.

Missing repayment dates frequently

Too many credit cards with varying repayment dates can cause a lot of confusion. If this makes you miss a repayment date just because of the number of credit cards, its time to think. Every missed installment increases your debt burden. A late payment fees along with penalty APRs can make things worse. This will surely reflect in your credit history.

Large amount of debt

Too many credit cards with small debts, result in one large debt to be repaid to multiple credit card companies. Since, the person who has to repay all these little debts each month is you, things become complicated with every increase.

Credit card debt consolidation, clubs these small debts into one large manageable one and makes things easier for the borrower. Though it is a popular means to avoid credit card debt, debt consolidation proves beneficial for the credit card company in terms of money.

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