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  Consolidate Credit Card  - Do you have one of these characteristics? You will need credit card debt consolidation sooner or later  - Apr 29, 2007  

Do you need credit card debt consolidation? When confronted by this question majority of us will simply say no. But, the stark reality is that more and more people are consolidating their credit card debts to avoid falling into a debt trap and tarnish their credit history. What are the indicators that make you a highly probable candidate to consolidate your credit card debt? Here is a checklist. If you have any one of these characteristics, get ready to consolidate your credit card debt.

A purse full of credit cards

Too many credit cards is the first and foremost reason which indicates that you will require debt consolidation sooner or later. Remember any transaction done with a credit card is a loan and it has to be repaid with interest. The larger the number of credit cards the more the loans.

Missing repayment dates frequently

Too many credit cards with varying repayment dates can cause a lot of confusion. If this makes you miss a repayment date just because of the number of credit cards, its time to think. Every missed installment increases your debt burden. A late payment fees along with penalty APRs can make things worse. This will surely reflect in your credit history.

Large amount of debt

Too many credit cards with small debts, result in one large debt to be repaid to multiple credit card companies. Since, the person who has to repay all these little debts each month is you, things become complicated with every increase.

Credit card debt consolidation, clubs these small debts into one large manageable one and makes things easier for the borrower. Though it is a popular means to avoid credit card debt, debt consolidation proves beneficial for the credit card company in terms of money.

  Consolidate Credit Card  - Consolidate Credit Card Debt And Eliminate Debt With A Home Equity Loan  - Feb 25, 2007  

National surveys shows that in average American households carry a credit card balance of approximately $10,000. Many find that it hard to reduce their debts especially credit card debts due to it high financial charge, interest rolled from month to month because most of them just pay the minimum payment each month, causing their debt snowballing and at last they may trap into financial crisis.

While bankruptcy is a tempting option, it is important to explore other alternatives for eliminating debts. Debt settlement with a debt consolidation loan is a better option that bankruptcy. And if you own a home, you are at a much better position to get rid of your debt by consolidating your high interest credit card debt with a home equity loan.

Benefits of a Debt Consolidation Loan

Although a debt consolidation loan is not a magic way to eliminate your debts overnight, but it can help you to reduce your debt faster. As you know, credit card debts and other personal loans are high interest debts. In most cases, your minimum payment barely covers the interest incur by these high interest debts. Hence, you find it difficult to reduce these high interest debt's balance if your are paying just the minimum payment.

If you lump all your credit cards debts and other personal loans into a consolidation loan, you can take advantage of lower interest rates and lower monthly payments offered by a consolidation loan. This enables you to enjoy debt free with a few years.

Conslidate Debts With Home Equity Loan

There are various ways to obtain debt consolidation loan. You could apply for personal loan or any unsecured loan with reasonable and lower interest rate as compare to your current debt's interest rate and consolidate your debts into this loan. But, to obtain an unsecured loan, you need to have a good credit score else you loan application most probably will be rejected.

The best way to consolidate your credit card debts or any other high interest debts is using a home equity loan. Of cause, you need to own a home in order to apply for a home equity loan. Home equity is ideal for you to consolidate your credit card debts because the interest is much lower interest rate than credit card and other unsecured loan. And the best part is it normaly have different terms or repayment periods for you to choose from. The longer the repayment terms, the lower the monthly payment is. If your current financial is tight, you could choose the longer repayment term and pay more when you are at better financial situation.

With a home equity loan, your equity works as the collateral. If your home equity is $50,000, you could obtain a loan up to this amount. You could use this home equity loan to clear up all your credit card balances plus other loans; and you just need to focus on making a single monthly payment to your home equity loan.

Some Caution On Using Home Equity Loan To Consolidate Your Debts

Although consolidate all your credit card debts with a home equity loan is an ideal way to settle your high interest rate outstanding debt. You should use the fund wise, borrow just what need to clear your consolidated debts and avoid accumulating new debts while working on clearing your home equity loan. Failure to repay a home equity loan will result in losing your home.

In Summary

If you intend to pay off your debts, consolidating all your debts and pay them off with a home equity loan is a good option. There are tax advantages with a home equity loan and you could also take the advantages of lower interest rates and lower monthly payments offered by a home equity loan.

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