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  Citibank Credit Card  - Citi credit cards: Great offers, exceptional rewards, excellent support and fully secure  - May 30, 2007  

The Citi Group Corporation a big player in the credit card market worldwide, has issued more than 145 million cards. The credit card business of Citi group is spread in over 40 countries all over the world. With the business being one of the most successful entities in issuing credit cards, there are few things that make is stand out from the crowd. This article takes a look at some of these facts.

  1. Citibank has a wide array of credit cards which cater to everyone's need. Be it student, households, and general customers to specialized credit cards issued to businesses Citi has it all. And many credit card issued by City have no annual fees. The Citi credit cards also come with an exceptional 0 fraud liability policy.
  2. Applying for a Citi credit card is very easy and can be done via an online application form on Citi's website. If the applicant meets a credit card's issuing criteria an instant online approval is given. All the operations on Citi's website are secure and can be banked upon completely.
  3. Citi credit cards are packed with security features like Identity Theft Solutions, and enhanced security for credit card transactions.
  4. Citibank credit cards offer many built-in benefits to their credit card customers. These benefits like 0% APR and free reward programs, easy online account management and excellent reward credit cards give Citi credit cards a definite edge over other issuers.
  5. At Citi only there is a feature which lets you request a balance transfer in the form of a check to yourself.

Citi goes a step ahead to help their customers. Be it reward cards, better terms, fraud protection, customer support, and helping their clients during any emergency- Citi provides great services. These facts have led to a great increase in Citi's customer base and no doubt it is growing by leaps and bounds.

  Citibank Credit Card  - Know Which Credit Card Offer You Should Go For  - Mar 5, 2007  

First things first, the world is plastic and everyone needs to survive. Thanks in part to the existence of credit cards, the world has become a lot more livable and safer – financially speaking. The problem then is in the selection of the credit card offer that is appropriate for you. Basically, the question that needs to be answered is which credit card should you go for in order to buy anything and everything you think you need or may not need.

Believe it or not, it all starts and ends with you. The important thing is that you first know what it is you want as well as where you currently stand. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of credit cards out there that would fit your personal preference and lifestyle. If you are still in college, there are various student college credit cards you could choose from. One is a Citibank Platinum Dividend college student credit card. Balance transfers are allowed in this particular credit card as well as a cash advance facility.

Also, cash backs are earned in this credit card that is worth two percent on purchases made at stores, gas stations, as well as other basic utilities. This college student credit card allows one to build early on a credit history.

Fortunately, this student college credit card does not require one to pay an annual fee. Plus, one also needs to have good credit standing in order to be eligible for one.

Another college student credit card is one that is offered by Discover. There is no annual fee required and there is 0% APR on purchases that are made in six months.

That is if you are still in college, the above credit cards could apply to you. However, if you are one of those who may have bad credit, fear not. The fact of the matter is that there is still a credit card that could help you get out of your current financial rut (and put you in another one – just kidding).

If you have a history of bad credit, a credit card offer from Bank Premiere MasterCard may be the one for you. Thankfully, such a card is designed specifically for persons who just have bad or imperfect credit.

This credit card offer has the ability to decide quickly if you are eligible or not. Also, you could easily access your own account just by calling their customer service by phone any hour of the day at anytime, 24/7. If you have a bad credit history, this credit card offer is right for you.

Another credit card offer you could take into consideration if you have bad credit is from Bank Orchard MasterCard. They offer an 8.9% APR and the benefits the card offers is similar to those who have MC Platinum.

Also, the beauty of this credit card offer is that one is entitled to pay on the due dates convenient to them. An add-on is that the options for payment are extremely flexible. The credit card also offers a liability fraud protection. No fees are charged up front.

All in all, these are but a few of the credit card offers available for you. This serves as a basic credit card offer guide. You may do your own search and determine on your own the particular credit card that is perfect for your lifestyle and preference.