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  Cheap Credit Card  - Credit Card Rate: Better Opportunity At The Best Rates  - Feb 24, 2007  

Availing a credit card is not a big deal. These days, many and many people access more than one credit card. Various credit card agencies, banks are eager to sell their cards. But in order to get a right credit card, credit card rate should be taken into account.

While availing a credit card, it is necessary to check the credit card rate. This rate plays an inevitable part, as based on this rate your payment amount is decided. Various credit cards are available with different rate. Every time, consumers try to choose a credit card at a lower interest rare.

Most of the time, it is seen that while choosing a credit card, people generally check whether the rate is low or not. But a low rate cannot be the only consideration in availing a credit card. Besides rate, a consumer should heed in other factors as well. Remember, though various credit card companies entice consumers with low interest rates; at the same time, they include various hidden costs and charges with a credit card as well. So, do not only verify the interest rate, but also consider other things while availing a credit card.

Many a time, credit card companies offer low rate for a specific period of time. Such low rates are considered as an introductory offer of various companies. In such cases, check how long the offer will last. After the period is over, verify what the interest rate will be, whether it will be affordable for you or not etc.

In case of rare use, a consumer should try to get the card where no annual or monthly fee is charged. In such cases, if the interest rate is a bit high, still the option will be beneficial.

A person's credit score matters a lot in making the credit card rate pocket friendly. A person with an outstanding credit score can easily get the advantage of low rate credit card. Since the competition among various credit card companies rising; hence, a borrower with a bad credit score can also make the credit card rate pocket soothing.

A bit research is always favorable in getting a credit card at an affordable rate. Collect various deals, check their rates, ultimately you will get a better credit card rate.

If you are in search of a credit card, credit card rate should be taken into account. This rate varies from card to card. A bit searching can be advantageous for getting a credit card at a better rate. Besides, one's credit score matters a lot in this regard.

  Cheap Credit Card  - The secret of successful debt settlement  - May 7, 2007  

Debt Settlement, also called debt negotiation is an arrangement between a debtor and a creditor to repay a debt generally for a for a lowered payoff amount. When a debtor is not able to pay the debt any more for any reasons, debt settlement is the only option that remains.

Generally, only unsecured debts, like those accrued with credit cards , can be negotiated for settlement. This is because of the fact that there is no security attached with unsecured debts. Hence, the lender can't repossess anything. On the other hand secured debts, like home loans, mortgages, car loans etc. have a collateral attached to them and can be repossessed by the lender if a default on debt occurs. So, there is no debt settlement or negotiation with secured debts.

Many third party companies offer debt settlement and negotiation services. These companies contact both the lender and the borrower and negotiate on the behalf of borrower to get the repayment amount and terms reduced. These services don't come cheap. Some good debt settlement companies can get the debt reduced by 50% or more, but charge around 10-20% of the debt amount as their fees.

To support the debt settlement industry and develop standards and best practices, practitioners established the United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) in 2004 and in 2005, industry leaders established The Association of Settlement Companies. (TASC) TASC's goals are to promote good practice in the debt settlement industry, protect the interests of consumer debtors, and lobby on behalf of debt settlement companies on the federal and state level.

It has to be remembered that debt negotiation is getting the debt burden reduced and becoming debt free. Debt settlement shows poorly on a persons credit report and if not tackled properly can lead to bankruptcy.