Don't pay extra for a gold or platinum card and more fresh credit card tips

Duran Mueller
Jul 23, 2007
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Credit cards if used wisely can go a long way towards building an excellent credit history, provide ready credit and a hassle free convenience. Though, many articles have been written on credit card tips, this article doesn't toe the line, but puts forward some fresh things to ponder over and make your credit card experience even more rewarding.

  • Trying to impress your friends with the color of your card? There are better ways to do it. Gold, platinum and other exclusive credit cards have high cost of ownership in annually fees, and other finance charges. By all means stay away, if you can from all such credit cards.
  • Credit cards can provide interest free money up to the grace period offered by the credit card. This thing can be enjoyed if you repay all your outstanding balances on a monthly basis.
  • If for any reason what so ever you are not able to pay your monthly balance in full. Stop, using that credit card. Get even with your balances first.
  • Never pay any up front fees to get that credit card. If you don't have excessively poor credit, no credit card company on this earth will demand an up front fees from you. If it does, steer clear from it.
  • The more number of credit cards you have, greater is the chance of your missing the repayments, and getting into credit card debt. There is no point in going for credit card debt consolidation afterwards, why don't you get rid of the extras now?
  • Cash advance with your credit cards? Think again you will be borrowing at excessively high interest rates plus shelling out the cash advance fee will only make things worse.
  • Never ever shy away from your credit card company. This is absolutely essential when you are facing credit card debt, answer their calls politely, tell them about your problem and you can get a solution. Running away will only aggravate things.
  • Calculating the amount of money required to get that elusive reward from your reward credit card can help you estimate, the reward-worthiness of the credit card. Don't simply jump and grab every other credit card. A judicious and intelligent decision will save a lot of money and frustration later.
  • Excessive balance transfers can land you in the trouble. If you are one of those who are constantly looking out for low balance transfer apr credit cards, then it's time you rethink your strategy. Because credit card companies have recently started to track such people.
  • Maxing up on your credit card can hurt your credit history. As a rule never go over 70% of your credit limit.
  • Be wary of the universal default clause. If your credit card has this clause, you will be surprised how even paying a late phone bill can cause your credit card apr to rise.