3 deadliest methods of identity theft used by scamsters worldwide

Cynthia Stewart
Jun 6, 2007
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In 2004 nearly 10 million people were victims of identity theft. What are the latest techniques of stealing your identity? If this question is bothering you, read on. In this article we take a look at 3 most deadly methods used by scamsters to get that vital credit or debit card details.


In phishing the criminals design emails that are a perfect look alike of banking emails. Phishers send fraudulent emails using these pages requesting your username password and other vital banking information. The have a link which is linked to a pharming website. On clicking the link you are taken to a form to enter details. Once you get into their trap and fill your details into the 'lookalike' forms, their purpose is solved. Now, they have your user information and can log into your account and make shady transactions.


This is another popular identity theft technique that is being used by the scamsters. In pharming they set up typo or matching domain names of popular banks and install websites with similar look and feel. So, if a user types in the url of his bank incorrectly he is still shown a website with the bank's name and design. This website is not real and its sole purpose is to extract vital information from the user. Once a person enters his vital details into this fraudulent website, these facts are then transferred into the database of scamsters and are used to manipulate funds in the persons bank account.


This is a identity theft techniques used at ATM's, restaurants and other point of sale locations where the payment option is either a debit card or a credit card. The identity thieves use a device called credit card readers which can easily collect the important user data from the magnetic strip of credit card. When the skimmers have enough credit card data, they can use it to create fake credit cards or use it for fraudulent online shopping. While skimming active use of cctv or a camera is not overruled. This camera records the vital PIN number of your debit or credit card and completes the identity theft process.

Identity theft is growing with the number of credit cards. Simple steps like keeping your credit card and PIN safely, being vigilant while shopping can make things difficult for those trying to steal your identity.