Credit cards: Mistakes to avoid while applying for one

Cynthia Stewart
May 28, 2007
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Modern society in USA is fast becoming a cashless one and the Credit cards are playing a major role in it. Almost everyone today, has a credit card or is in the process of getting one. However, there are silly mistakes that many people make when they try to get a credit card. Here are few important ones, make sure you don't follow the same path.

Act in haste repent in leisure. Nothing is more true in case of credit cards, setting deadlines for getting that credit card into your pocket will only make you ignore important terms and fees, which will help you repent in leisure.

Knowing beforehand how you want your credit card to work? What rewards should it give? What purpose should it solve will always act in your favor. Ignoring this fact will only lead to confusion that can make you choose a wrong credit card.

Going by the looks, style and jazziness of credit card design and ignoring the important features of credit card altogether, will only cause problems later on.

By not comparing various offers that meet your criteria, you might be missing on the right offer.

Applying for a credit card which does not meet your credit history requirements can get you a denial or an offer that whose fees and interest rates pinch very much.

Getting too many pre-approved credit card offers in your mailbox doesn't mean that you should have all of them. The rule is keep the only minimum number of credit cards with you. Get rid of the rest. Too many credit cards is a principal reason for people falling into credit card debt.