How to identify that you are being duped by a credit repair scamster?

Duran Mueller
May 18, 2007
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Bad credit can be a problem for someone, but many scamsters out there thrive on this very fact. Have you ever heard, read or got a call that says - Erase your bad credit-100% guaranteed, remove bankruptcies from your credit file, FOREVER or create a new credit identity-legally? You are about to become a bait for credit repair scamsters. Here is how you can identify and stay clear of such misleading and malicious offers.

If it sounds too good to be true- it is not true at all. Credit repair scamsters promise you the moon but, how can they achieve this? Do they control the credit rating agencies? Always remember credit rating agencies are unbiased and have no connection whatsoever with any credit repair agencies who provide such offers.

Got a lucrative credit repair offer in email? It is a spam. Scamsters harvest email addresses, purchase mailing lists and send you credit repair mails. Let us see how it works. If a credit repair scamster sends fraudulent credit repair mails to 100,000 people and even if 1% of them reply, the person has a good business. Don't simply believe in such emails. Report this kind of spam.

A person who wants his credit repaired must have met some agency who demands an upfront fee to look into their problem. They don't guarantee you anything but the money has to be deposited in advance. So, don't you smell a rat here? Stay clear of any such agency. Any credit repair agency worth its salt would provide you the service and agree on a payment schedule that inspires confidence.

Does you credit repair agency offer you a new identity? If so, you are jumping straight from the frypan into the fire. Your existing situation is bad but it is still legally correct, if you supply false information and change your identity, it is a big crime and once caught, the agent and you are in for a big trouble.

Credit repair is a thing that you can do yourself without any external help. However, if things are too complicated try to get a good credit repair agency. Use the above information and supplement it with active research to arrive at a good decision. Asking for references, and keeping your eyes open will help you aviod getting into credit repair scam.