2 major advantages of being rejected for a credit card

Duran Mueller
May 16, 2007
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Don't get dejected when you find a rejection letter in your mailbox. Strange it might sound but the rejection letter brings two major advantages with it. It is a real opportunity, waiting to be exploited, provided we look towards it with the right attitude. Now, you must be wondering that what two big advantages does a rejection letter brings? Read on and enlighten yourself.

1. The first advantage that comes with a rejection letter gets its validity from a statute in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This Act offers some good protection to credit card owners. According to this act whenever you are denied a credit for some reason, you have the right to know what circumstances or facts led to that rejection. So, if you are rejected because a particular credit rating agency has made adverse credit remarks in your credit report, the credit card company that has rejected you must state the name of related credit rating agency and their remarks to you. Further, the Fair Credit Reporting Act states that every rejected person is entitled to request a free credit report from the credit rating agency listed in your rejection letter or denial report. So, you get a free credit report.

2. The second big benefit that a rejection letter or denial report brings to you is the exact reason, which led to the unfortunate decision. The importance of this information can't be understated, and it can be successfully used to rebuild your credit history.

Attitude matters here, though the rejection letter or denial report gives you certain things that can become tools for your credit repair, but it all depends how well you use them. Why wait for a rejection letter to get a free credit report? Every credit rating agency is legally bound to supply you a free credit report annually. Get it, check the discrepancies if any and use it to improve your credit rating. Checking out the exact option that led to your disqualification or rejection might lead to certain discrepancies at the end of that particular lender, which might be corrected by providing the right information. This might change how you look at your next rejection letter ( if you get it).