Outstanding new changes to Discover Miles Card make it very special

Duran Mueller
May 9, 2007
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The new revamped Discover Miles card is here. Forget the regular travel reward credit card features, this offer from Discover will change your outlook towards a travel reward credit card. In this article we look at few features of the Discover Miles card which make it very special.

The new Discover Miles Card, allows you to redeem your reward points or reward miles for any travel purchase. This is a perfectly No Hassles Miles program.

Earn 1 mile for every dollar you spend. This offer has an upper spending limit of $3,000 in restaurant and travel purchases. The limit of miles in your account has been reduced from 25,000 to 20000.

The points can also be redeemed for gift certificates. Discover has tied up with 50 merchants, this gives a lot of choice. The gifts can be redeemed in the following ways, 1,000 miles for $5 gift card, 3,500 miles for $25, 6,000 miles for $50 etc.

The Discover Miles Card allows you to use a travel agent of your choice for your travel related bookings.

The Discover Miles Card comes with no blackout dates or restrictions. The restrictions like booking 21 days in advance and staying on Saturday nights don't bother the customer anymore.

The new features added to Discover Miles Card, ensures a truly magnificent travel reward credit card experience for the frequent traveler.