3 step proactive approach to lower the high interest rates on your credit card

Duran Mueller
May 4, 2007
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A credit card with high interest rate is bleeding you white, and you find that there are other credit card offers with significantly lower interest rates. You simply want your credit card company to lower the interest rates, but how to approach them? Here is a 3 step proactive approach that will solve this problem.

Step 1: Get a clear picture of the interest rates you are currently paying

If you have only one credit card, it won't be difficult. But, having a pocket full of credit card will take a little effort on your part to tabulate corresponding interest rates. Mark the credit cards which cost you a lot in terms of APR and other fees. Also, note which one of your low interest rate credit cards allow balance transfers. Note down the contact information of every credit card you hold and move to the next step in the process.

Step 2: Contact the credit card agency to lower the interest rates

As the second step, call the high interest rate credit card provider and tell them, how good your relations are with the credit card company, you have been their customer for so long, have been prompt on repayments and the credit rating is also good ( don't make false claims, only tell what is correct, since the credit card companies will have all the details and can verify anytime.) so, they should lower the interest rate on their credit card. As, a small leverage you can tell them that a credit card with the same rewards and offers are providing a low interest rates and it would be better if the currently high interest charging credit card matches the rate. Ok, now you have done your part and its the turn of credit card company to move things now. If you have a good reputation with them, they will certainly like to keep you as their client. If, they offer a new low rate, make sure that it is permanent not temporary and get the offer of lower interest rate documented. If for some reason, the credit card company doesn't heed to your request, there is nothing to worry. Move on to step three.

Step 3: Transfer the balances if they don't

Remember, in step 1 we talked about keeping account of credit cards with low interest rates, which allow balance transfer, they come into picture here. If you have such cards, contact their issuing agencies and ask them about balance transfer fees and other charges and are they willing to transfer balances from your existing high interest rate credit card. If you don't have any such low interest rate credit card, which offers balance transfer, by all means search for one that provides attractive balance transfer rates and a 0% Intro APR for the longest period. This will keep the interest rates on the lower side. Now, transfer your high interest rate balances to this credit card, and close the high interest credit card account. The money you will save on interest rates can be used for other things to improve your financial condition.

Remember, proactivity always pays, credit card companies don't lower interest rates on their own. They have to be told to do so, and if you have valid reasons and good credit history to support you, you can always get a bargain, otherwise there is always the option of balance transfer.