MasterCard Gold and Platinum Credit Card Benefits

Cynthia Stewart
May 7, 2007
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MasterCard is one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States. The reward programs offered with Gold and Platinum MasterCard are truly exceptional. Providing a great value in terms of rent saving, reduced repair costs, travel rewards, and a lot more these reward cards are true money savers.

MasterCard provides insurance for its credit card holders. As MasterCard is growing in popularity and is being accepted worldwide, MasterCard has launched its global service to cater to this growing clientele.

If you travel a lot MasterCard has a lot to offer for your travel and stay in a hotel to be truly rewarding. The travel assistance services offered by MasterCard will help you greatly. The purchase assurance coverage, baggage delay coverage, extended warranty coverage will take the blues out of your travel and renting experiences. While traveling if you are having a MasterCard gold or platinum card you are covered for hotel/motel burglary, lost or damaged luggage also.

For a great shopping experience that rewards you handsomely MasterCard provides purchase assurance, satisfaction guarantee, extended warranty, price protection and not to mention fabulous discounts with their preferred partners.

Having a good credit history can easily get you a Gold MasterCard, while Platinum MasterCard might require excellent credit history. There are numerous credit cards, offered by MasterCard, which offer one or more combinations of above mentioned rewards. To get more details one should contact the financial institution that has issued the credit card for complete and accurate details of the benefits that will apply for that credit card are eligible for.

Moreover ,it pays to stay in touch with the credit card issuer because the reward programs constantly get reviewed. This can lead to a particular reward being extended, improved or in some case dropped from the benefits list. However, the credit card issuer will notify you at least 60 days in advance before cancelling any benefits or rewards. Make sure to checkout with the existing terms and conditions minutely before buying any reward card.