Travel reward credit card : Pros and cons to watchout

Duran Mueller
Apr 2, 2007
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Do you travel a lot? Then it is high time that you know the benefits of a travel credit card. Among the numerous options available with travel credit cards the most popular ones are free travel points that can be redeemed for free travel, discounts on merchandise, discounted stay at hotel rooms and much more which help you save a lot as you travel.

The benefits of travel credit card differ with the issuer. Some travel credit cards are exclusive to certain airlines such as Delta, Northwest or Jet Blue others offer a range of airlines to choose from. The rewards of some travel cards are limited to free airmiles only whereas some offer a good number of benefits as mentioned above. So, It is always advisable to look around and compare the various offers available from good credit card providers and settle for the one which provides the maximum advantage and benefits with minimum incurred costs.

Another issue that crops up with a travel reward credit card is the bonus that you get when you sign up with the credit card company or do your first purchase with the credit card. Many companies offer bonus airmiles when you get the credit card or when you make the first purchase. These bonus points give you a head-start in redeeming the benefits and getting a free trip. The travel reward points get accumulated as you travel more by using your travel reward credit card. Some credit card companies give you one point for every dollar you spent, some reward you better when you fly with their preferred partner.

The things to watch out when choosing a travel reward credit card is the blackout dates, reward points expiry dates, and travel restrictions. If any credit card offers come with such restrictions it is better to avoid it or get more information about the restrictions from the credit card company to avoid frustration later. Usually these restrictions are mentioned in fine print. So, if skipping fine prints is your regular habit be prepared to get surprised.

Travel reward credit cards are there to reward the frequent flyer. If you want the maximum mileage please choose the right card with good rewards and no restrictions.