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Danton Nunes is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and online editor. One of the founders of www.credit-card-gallery.com Danton Nunes has had an outstanding career as an online editor. Considered as an expert in personal finance, his vast experience, incisive analysis and uncanny eye for details ensures that every news item covered in www.credit-card-gallery.com meets the standards and confirms with company's policies. Danton Nunes is the Chief-Editor at www.credit-card-gallery.com.
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Duran Mueller

A credit card expert and veteran of credit card marketing industry, Duran Mueller writes exclusively for www.credit-card-gallery.com. With his well written articles, Duran Mueller shares his expertise of the credit card industry in a lucid and unambiguous way. The whole purpose of his articles and advice is to educate and inform every credit card holder about the various choices available to him.
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Cynthia Stewart

Cynthia Stewart is a consultant and expert author in the credit services industry. Her extensive experience with the credit card industry extends to over a decade. With her incisive and informative articles on various matters regarding credit cards, she guides her readers to get the most out of their credit cards.
Cynthia Stewart writes exclusively for www.credit-card-gallery.com.
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Martin Beckett

Martin Beckett is an expert author in personal finance and dispute resolution. He shares his vast experience in relevant area by his original articles on various matters regarding personal finance.
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